There’s two solutions practically to most hurdles, go round or go through. I am Sat this morning reflecting on these hurdles. The “sensible” solution is to get full-time work. While wage living, never makes you rich, temporarily it would assure facilities like landlords, I don’t intend to default on the rent.

Then there is option b, pull together 6 months rent. Perfectly feasible in fact. Can I afford to pay up front 3,600. Well yes, but that would then need to be replaced. It’s funds there, to purchase new equipment, a much needed proof reader, Isbn numbers. Of it sadly, only around the grand mark is mine. Ie rest so I can use from credit facilities. Only I don’t want to do that.

Well, not for sake of a roof anyway. Just because I can access low interest loans up to 7,000 and have 12 months to repay, doesn’t make it sit easily with me.  It is perfectly feasible on basic money, to repay easily without hooker shoes, but if I am going to borrow as a stop gap – I’d rather it be for paints.

Still, a new house with better access would’d make it easier to produce and store more. Public transport links, having to travel to city or go online to order things, scare in the valleys, mean even a car would only add to time spent on fetching things easily available in cities.

Which leads me back to brooding one. Hold, fold or stick.


Coffee loading….


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