Counting acchievements


Funny how we forget our achievements. Six months ago, I was sat with a vague idea, this would be the year, I finally got around to releasing books. At the time, if you had told me that, I would have wound up releasing three books by the April, I would of said how?

Imagining myself at that point, managing to write the blog with any regularly seemed like a super human other than me. I remember the swear words as I finally got the poems from the paper  scattered by the Small together loaded, formatted and released in “Love`s blue and red sea” and the depression I promptly slipped  into after.

“Witch sense or ravings of a scarlet woman” seemed to require the patience of job, to get it together. Felt as though, rather than a wry pragmatic, insightful book, I was trying to write the works of Shakespeare. At the time, seemed daily on social media was someone somewhere complaining about indie authors.

Then “Quick and Easy blogging” should have been straightforward. The premise was simple. How hard could it be loading up a short, concise book to kindle? Very when your ill yourself for the third time in a row and the Small is ill, my own father is awol and life gets in the way.

Life then has meant, I have barely had enough time to PR the books let alone back and think “wow. Three books. No small achievement for a woman who spent  4 months ill, fighting the system to get Small ASD appointments, help in school and just keeping Small happy, and teaching her to write and read.”

Am I bragging? Damn straight. Fought the system and won, check. Published  Three books with no help. Still, alive and come back stronger, to full health and sanity check. Next adventure and total life change – due by May. Today though, I will just smile smuggly and think the Chinese were right. “THOSE WHO SAY IT CANNOT BE DONE, SHOULD GET THE HE’LL OUT OF WAY OF THOSE DOING IT.”

Coffee? Before I learn to tight rope?


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