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1463296_691332180907160_1268633539_nIn an effort to expand or improve my mind, I have been exploring the wonderful world of audio books or audio books on CD. I had become aware, my ‘small in bed for five minutes at least time’ had become one of gazing mindlessly at the food network or CSI Miami or New York more usually, while attempting to sort out which aspect of business plan I am going to go with.

Deeply exciting – do I go full commercial immediately, there by increasing long-term the likelihood of profit or do I do subtle literacy type figure, which takes longer and may end of causing a being trapped in one genre moment if too successful. I like writing, but I also love art, I also like photography, that for the rest of my life, I’d happily stick to one is unlikely. Wait we’re getting to the paint drying part.

So, in an effort to give myself a kick up the ass, Queen idle is cool and all, but sunshine, appeals; i decided to try some cd motivation, for two reasons.

A) we all always need a reminder of confidence and assertiveness; we can’t always know everything, best to remain open-minded to ideas.

B) I have some non-fiction lined up, to start sorting out, therefore ‘non-fiction’ as an audiobook has to be studied. Audiobooks are on the rise.

I now know, what people use to mean, when I was happily listening to lectures or reading texts books for fun, about ‘brain overload’. I genuinely did not realize without making notes or having things to look up, I would find a ‘pure’ narration ie not a hypnosis or meditation cd such hard work. They are probably brilliant but my brain is telling me ‘it’s a book, but someone is reading to you, you are not three. Gods that voice goes on.’

I am sure the following titles are very informative, but I’ll level with you here, of the 5 cds/audio books in the list that follows; Reginald D. Hunter is the only one that is clearly distinct in my mind and is popping to front of my mind when I am listening to how the power is in the mind. My mind is happier with pussy and observations about oblique racism in society it turns out.

How to succeed in business in 90 seconds or less – Nicholas Boothman

The Magic of thinking Big – David J. Schwartz

The art of assertiveness – Joanna Crosse

The Negotiator in You At home – Dr Joshua N. Weiss

Reginald D. Hunter Live, in the midst of crackers.