Really. A ghost told me.

Just so as to confirm I was not seeing things, I chose my least effective deck

551710_396815850361275_1007175597_nBeing a slight cynical witch I decided to check and dig out, dust off this. This agrees which was something of a surprise to me. I could bore you with the rune decks, the cards i consulted on finding this was the message coming through. Suffice to say, I resorted to methods I haven’t used since I first did my official adept training, when I was 18, including the bones. (Note to non craft people, when a witch says they begun training or initiated at about 18 or whatever legal age is in that country, they’ve already been having visions and all the other crap since well before then. If your driven that young to the path, you will find you are hereditary.)

Sadly the answer came back the same, yes your destined to be a rich person within a year. My honest reaction last July, was ‘oh fuck off’. It took me about 6 weeks to recover from the disappointment, my true calling in life was not to become a female nelson Mandela or mother Theresa. I liked the idea of being the witch version of a great peace figure. That i am least qualified person ever to be at a peace talks and would cause a war, I figured I’d grow out of, over come. Sadly, the cards said no my destiny was to use my art and writing to become rich.

I was dubious to put it mildly. I have seen and had some damned strange coincidences in my life, that have led to me being the intervention or the cure, often for people of other faiths. I had ideas of grandeur i guess. The cards wanted me to be a millionaire. I wanted to continue on the path to what I saw as a far more suitable occupation for one born witch, that of working towards interfaith coöperation. For women’s rights, I really liked the idea of becoming a voice for the women society often ignores, the prostitutes, the victims of rape, the victims of domestic abuse. I’ve spent a lot of my life, listening to victims who will never report what they have been through to the authorities and helping them find peace, as best I can. Listening, cannot change what has happened, but it can remind them, they are sadly not the only one. I am years past being shocked.

image from FB

image from FB

It was not what I had in mind. Mean I also fancied the idea of being Indiana Jones. I had accepted for the next decade at least, my sole real purpose in life, was to be my daughter’s champion, that I would be a shelf stacker and extremely depressed till she was 18, and I could then morph into a figure of great wisdom and understanding. So that the cards were against me and wanted me to join the ranks of the rich was not for me a good thing.

If you’re not a witch, you probably don’t know, that for traditional, the idea of taking money itself for our curse or abilities, makes us pretty uneasy. Occasionally we will trade services for goods that are needed. But money itself, like asking for a lottery win, it’s not really going to happen. Money itself is a concept or an idea, therefore asking for it, is to ask for something imaginary. Therefore a witch would not ‘pray’ if you like for the money for the sports car, they’d after waying up the consequences like it getting stolen, people hating them, decide whether it was worth asking for the sports car. We are big on ‘careful what you wish for, it usually comes with a sting’. So, I really had a problem with this message.

You want to see a witch twitch and freak out, watch him or her if unexpected money lands in her or his bank account. You might think we’d be thrilled. No we immediately assume someone is dead, it’s a test of our souls, or someone is out to get us. The universe gives nothing without a price. there is no yin without yang. No glory without personal suffering. For us, something for nothing does not exist. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed. Therefore whats been transformed. We know from destruction and pain, often comes greatness and unexpected bittersweet blessings.

Also it just struck me as very silly to put it mildly. I have had tall orders before. But, i can’t do a normal job. What do I have to achieve this. It got better, to achieve this I only needed to use my brain and the words that exist but do not. Pretty cryptic. Lot of gumpf about words reaching the world etc. Note to the guides its called the internet. Need to brush up on your modern english.

Why am I telling you. Well I eventually translate half of what the hell they were on about, one of the things was communicating with other people. If you have not met me, you don’t realize i am either up on stage impressing you with the surprise I can sing, the soul of the party, witty funny or hiding under my bed for 6 months going full hermit. I do not do middle ground. I truthfully prefer the bed. It’s less stressful. I may be able to shine, but it’s bloody tiring hearing people rave how awesome you are, and does make you wait for someone to shoot you. Witches who ‘shine’ usually are the ones that get burnt or stoned, shining is not a good thing, when your religion is confused with them that worship a devil in a red suit. Anyway the light messages and words were a blog.

I had previously taken the social media world as a sign maybe the Christians were in fact not mistaken and that there was an evil deity somewhere. I view bar codes in a similar light. Proof evil is on the rise. So finally in August they would not shut up, so after reading about what a blog was and social media’s actual purpose was, which apparently is not to see your mates ugly new partner, I begun this one. Without much optimism. I understand PR but same as i understand chaos magicak, i learnt about it, to spot it, not to use it myself.

Despite my best efforts to mess it up and only a basic grasp of how a computer worked in practice, it turns out i am quite good at it. I could sign up to clickad and whatever and probably make a few quid off the dark art of persuading people to buy stuff. In fact my determination to prove it was impossible to use a computer to become a millionaire has led me to realize it is actually viable and possible. Despite my smug satisfaction in November, that it is not viable if i don’t have premises, etc, it turns out with the internet, i can make products entirely on cyberspace and other people will make them for me. Even worse, I can do so, and earn a percentage, therefore, I am not having the valid objection of unfair wages.

I still hope come August it will be, ‘was just to make you think about it, so you moved and were motivated to think beyond the limitations.’ sadly, it does not appear to be so. I will have to try really hard to make it impossible. Which is kind of a bummer. Mean I will have to do my hair and not be allowed to stay happily in my bed dreaming or reading in the corner, occasionally coming out of my corner to pass my insights to those in need.

Ah well. We all have our trials I guess.45325_366826633402139_1902004800_n